Gobi News


Mr Joseph Borkowski

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Borkowski is Chairman and CEO of Rasia Group, a Dubai-based group of principal investment companies focused on natural resources and strategic infrastructure in emerging and frontier markets. Rasia specializes in both direct investments and consortium investments for projects of national importance in which Rasia takes the lead investment risk. Rasia and Mr. Borkowski currently manage and have portfolio holdings including gold-silver mining, coking coal, uranium, railway and high speed road projects. Rasia also manages a hedge fund focused on natural resources. Rasia has been actively engaged in joint investment opportunities with several China and Middle East state-owned enterprises since 2009. Mr. Borkowski is a 2004 graduate of Columbia Business School with an MBA in Finance and is a former New York investment banker with specialties in M&A, private equity, and shareholder activism and was previously a trader in convertible and risk arbitrage.


Mr. Markhaaj Choidorj


Mr Choidorj serves as the Director General of the Gobi Group of companies in Mongolia. He is an experienced executive and diplomat and has spent more that 17 years working in the Parliament and Government of Mongolia. Mr Choidorj joined Gobi six years ago and was previously a member of the Policy Council on Mining under the Prime Minister of Mongolia.

Mr Choidorj completed a Bachelor of Law in Moscow and completed a MA (international Relations) at Keele University in the UK and is fluent in five languages.